Video and Social Media Everything 👑 
Every dream needs a content strategy to make it a reality. JessBe Creative is a Creative Agency based in Chocolate city (Washington, DC).
We develop media packages and strategy to help you introduce your brand to the World. Our efforts synthesize strategy and creative content production, ensuring that our clients and partners are prepared to shine. We're far from your traditional production company. We want to make your content work for you. Our mission is to capture the true spirit and value of your venture.
At JessBe Creative, content is Queen 👑 
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Discovery Call
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 We're here to make content that WORKS for you. As content producers, we produce content weaponized to bring new audiences your way.


From the cradle to the final cut, JessBe Creative has you covered. We produce, film, and edit everything in house. We edit with your platform, social media preference, or website format in mind.  


Video advertising campaigns, still photo sharables, instagram shorts, and social media strategy are a few of the ways we help our partners better share their brands with the world. Let us help you build your brand online with personal assistance and a strategy tailored for your success.  


Tel: 202-714-1433


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