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Stop #BlackingOut.

The murders of Breonna Taylor and George Floyd have mobilized millions of Americans to take a stand against anti-black racism and police brutality. People of every race, sexual orientation, and age are once again taking to the streets in hopes of creating change in this country. Activism on social media has successfully kept conversations flowing as demonstrations continue.

Sadly, with new exposure on social media comes erasure. #BlackOutTuesday, a trend that caught steam less than 24 hours ago, had good intentions-- but means nothing. The trend is tone deaf in a supreme way. Hashtags used by organizers to disseminate often life saving information have been co-opted by millions of blank, black posts from armchair activists. Trends like these are for those looking to passively be a part of a movement that requires your full heart. Each post is a reminder of how Black lives still don’t matter. There is simply nothing there to see.

I challenge you to show the world the true power of the American people. Let the world, and our elected officials, see us united. Our social media accounts are our platforms. These platforms are powerful, no matter how large or small your following. Don’t give up your space online, use it. Share information. Post with love. Make your mark. It matters.

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